All Life Development Sim Games

Life development simulations allow players to nurture a virtual life form, often from birth, through adulthood, and beyond. Proper care may include regular feeding, training, affection, and discipline. The subjects may be re-creations of household pets, alien creatures, or even human beings. Examples: The Sims Creatures Dogz Catz Monster Rancher Babyz Animal Crossing Games: 2007 […]

Action: All Fixed Screen Platform Games

Fixed screen platform games are played in a single, non-scrolling game screen. As in other styles of platform games, they typically involve climbing ladders or jumping over objects in order to reach a specific goal. Once this goal is completed, the game may introduce a completely new screen or a similar screen with added dangers. […]

All Rhythm Games (List of All Rhythm Music Games)

Rhythm games require players to perform specific actions at precise times. Many rhythm games mimic the experience of performing music. Players may need to press buttons to the beat, move a directional pad to follow the melody, or otherwise take part in the flow of a song. Examples: Um Jammer Lammy Guitar Freaks Mad Maestro! […]