All Monster Truck Racing Games

Monster Truck Racing involves racing and performing stunts with trucks that possess gigantic tires. Games: 1990 Bigfoot Nintendo Entertainment System 2 Stars Bigfoot [Canceled] PlayStation 2 Bigfoot [Canceled] Nintendo 3DS 2008 Bigfoot: Collision Course Wii 1.5 Stars 2009 Bigfoot: Collision Course Nintendo DS 1.5 Stars Bigfoot: Collision Course [Canceled] IBM PC Compatible 2011 Bigfoot: King […]

All Bicycling Computer and Video Games

Bicycling games have players racing on bikes, similar to cycling competitions such as the Tour de France. Games 2010 3, 2, 1…Supercrash! [PSP minis] PlayStation Portable 1.5 Stars 2013 Bike Rider DX [eShop] Nintendo 3DS 2.5 Stars 2014 Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy [eShop] Nintendo 3DS 1994 Cannondale Cup Super Nintendo Entertainment System 2.5 Stars 1986 […]