All First-Person Adventure Games With Ratings

First-person adventures are played through the eyes of a main character as he or she typically explores a number of exotic or unfamiliar environments. Since the goal is often to solve a mystery or to figure a way out of a series of predicaments, there is a strong emphasis on puzzle solving. A point-and-click interface, […]

All Billiards Games for All Platforms With Ratings

This is accomplished using a long wooden stick called a cue stick. Titles that fall under this style may feature a top-down 2D view of the pool table or a 3D view. Games: 2006 The Hustle: Detroit Streets PlayStation 2 2 Stars 2006 The Hustle: Detroit Streets Xbox 2 Stars 2010 Hustle Kings [PlayStation Network] […]

Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura Review

Most RPG genres, such as fantasy and futuristic science fiction, are cloyed with clichéd storylines and boring action. Of the remaining few, the most underused is arguably the “steam-punk” style, an 1800’s world fashioned after the industrialized British era where fantastic and complicated technology is powered by steam. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura delves […]

All Snowmobile Racing Games

Snowmobile racing games feature competitions between sleds, toboggans, or snowmobiles. Examples: Sled Storm Polaris SnoCross Sno-Cross Extreme Games: 2001 Arctic Thunder Arcade 3 Stars 2001 Arctic Thunder PlayStation 2 0.5 Stars 2001 Arctic Thunder Xbox 2 Stars 2001 Arctic Thunder [European] PlayStation 2 2002 Arctic Thunder [European] Xbox 2011 Icebreakers IBM PC Compatible 2 Stars […]

All Bowling Games for All Platforms

Games in this style are based on the real-life sport of bowling. Bowling involves rolling a ball in an attempt to knock down pins. While some bowling games feature exaggerated play, or incorporate unconventional elements, they are still classified under this style. Examples: Big Strike Bowling Alley 19 Bowling Nester’s Funky Bowling Ten Pin Alley […]