Action: All Time Management Games

Time Management games require players to perform a series of increasingly complicated tasks as quickly as possible. The typical Time Management title finds gamers controlling a 2D sprite to perform fairly mundane real-world tasks, such as serving food, planting flowers, or running a business. Players can often purchase or win upgrades to make it easier […]

Boxing Fever Review (2001 GameBoyAdvance Game)

Many games are hyped for months, even years, only to disappoint upon their eventual release. Then there are games like Boxing Fever, which fly in under the radar and completely surprise you. Created by first-time GBA developer Digital Fiction, Boxing Fever is an impressive fusion of stunning graphics and solid gameplay, making it a serious […]

All Hidden Object Games for All Platforms With Ratings

Games of this style involve finding specified objects that have been deliberately concealed in static, complex scenes that typically resemble still life paintings or slice-of-life photographs. A theme or plot line often ties one scene to the next, but the seek-and-find puzzles themselves are the focus of play, and the objects hidden in each scene […]

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee 2001 PC review

As might be intuited by the very name of the game, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee expresses the intent of the designers to create something a little bit different than the normal run of side scrolling epics. For anyone who thought that there wasn’t anything new to add to this type of game, think again. The GT […]