All Go-Kart Racing Games (with ratings)

Games of this style involve “karts” (short for go-karts) or similar miniature vehicles racing through a defined course. Kart racing games often feature mascots or familiar cartoon characters that can be clearly seen in the driver’s seat. Power-ups are typically an important part of play. Although there may often be elements of combat or shooting, […]

Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It? Review

Tiny fans of the Bob the Builder cartoon series will have a blast playing games and solving puzzles in this interactive title featuring characters from the show. Eight activities are accessed from the main screen, several of which have two or more related mini-activities within them. For example, in Porcupine Rescue, children help Lofty the […]

Duke Nukem: Time to Kill – Controls

CONTROLS L2 Button strafe left L1 Button (hold) walk D-Pad Up forward D-Pad Left left D-Pad Down back D-Pad Right right Left Analog Stick left Right Analog Stick right Select Button weapons inventory R1 Button look; precision aiming mode R2 Button strafe right Triangle Button tap to quickly turn around Circle Button draw/holster weapon Square […]

All Construction/Building Sim Games

Construction/building sims allow players to create buildings and cities from scratch. Users may design a layout of city streets, choose the number of floors in a building, or determine the placement of police stations, power plants, parks, and other structures and services. Examples: Yoot Tower SimTower Constructor SimCity 4 Games: 2014 1849 IBM PC Compatible […]

Record of Lodoss War Synopsis

The early 1990s “cult classic” series of anime movies and shorts is the inspiration for this adventure game, orginally designed by the Japanese developers at Kadokawa. Like the Record of Lodoss War animated films, this game is set in a fantasy world of swords and sorcery, populated by goblins and dwarves. Players take the role […]

All Extreme Racing for PC, Wii, PS3 and more

Extreme racing games involve high-speed contests with some sort of danger or risk involved. Races may feature unusual vehicles, such as a powered-up scooter or a street luge. Often, challenging courses and forgiving game physics encourage players to attempt over-the-top stunts or hazardous short-cuts on their way to the finish line. Examples: Razor Freestyle Scooter […]

Castlevania Chronicles Review

The budget-priced Castlevania Chronicles is a remake of the 1993 Japanese game Dracula X68000, and is a throwback to the Castlevania games of old. The levels are almost completely linear, and even though they do occasionally offer players branching paths, those paths all wind back together before the traditional end-level boss has to be dealt […]