Monopoly Casino Overview (Synopsis and Features)

Gamers who love the high stakes thrills of both Monopoly and Las Vegas casinos will want to check out Hasbro Interactive’s Monopoly Casino. With Mr. Monopoly as your guide and card dealer, try your hand at one of 19 different Monopoly Slots games, 12 poker games, 5 blackjack variations, 2 roulette games, 4 money wheel variations, 4 kinds of Keno, 10 games of video poker and 5 varieties of craps.

Once you’ve signed in and decided how much money you want to start with, decide which Monopoly board game token will represent you in your gambling travels. Once you’re inside the 3D casino you can approach any table, decide which variation on the game you wish to play, and place your bet. Once you’re done, remember to click the Cash Out button to add your winnings to your money clip.

Among the old standards such as poker and roulette you’ll also find three versions of slot machines created by MS Gaming Inc. and actually in use in casinos around the United States. They are Chairman of the Board, Once Around, and Reel Estate. Each of them has a Monopoly look and feel to it.

If you want to play online against a few friends, just log on to the MSN Gaming Zone and exchange messages via ICQ or America Online’s Instant Messenger while you gamble.

If you have at least $15,000 in your money clip and want to join a tournament, you can play in one of seven different types at any time. If you lose all your money while playing, you’re out of the tournament. The player who has won the most money at the end receives a $25,000 bonus.

Play alone, challenge friends and family at home, or compete against opponents over the Internet
Access hints and playing tips if your luck doesn’t seem to be enough
Test your luck on such slot machines as Reel Estate, Once Around, and Chairman of the Board

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