Tennis Masters Series PC Review (A Fun Game At First)

Tennis Masters Series for the PC is a fun game when you first get it. But it can become very easy very fast and you will probably lose interest. Every once in a while I will play it but I usually get very bored by it. There are 3 types of gameplay. First there is Tennis Masters Series where you play all the tournaments the pros played in the year 2001. Also, one of the main reasons that I bought this game is because it said that there were 67 actual touring professionals. But when I played the game for the first time (I’m an avid tennis fan and I’ve heard of players no one else has) I hadn’t ever heard of any of the players. And I did some research on the subject and I looked in the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals which is the main tour) and I couldn’t find a single person thats on the game. But you can change the players’ names.

You can only play singles in this mode. Second there is exhibition. Where you can play Singles and Doubles with the 67 “actual touring professionals.” Last there is Network play but I could never figure that out. I tried many times to play in this mode, but no matter how many different ways I tried it it never worked. The controls are very easy to master and gameplay isn’t that realistic. Overall I give it a 60 out 100.

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