Victorious Boxers: Ippo’s Road to Glory Overview

Taking it’s cue from the Japanese manga title Hajime no Ippo, Victorious Boxers provides a very methodic, simulation take on the sport. Health and stamina bars are non-existent. Instead, players must pay careful attention to exactly what’s going on in the ring. Throwing a flurry of punches will tire your fighter, and he’ll begin to move and react a little sluggishly. Land a few solid punches and your opponent will be sent reeling, becoming visibly shaken in the process. In the Career mode (the heart of the game), players control Ippo Macunouchi, an up-and-coming fighter with a bare bones set of moves. Your trainer provides hints and tips before each bout, pointing out opponents’ weaknesses and strengths.

Controlling your fighter is done using the left analog stick. Pressing it lightly will allow your fighter to bob, weave, and duck in any direction. A firmer push will move your character in the desired direction. In addition to his basic arsenal of punches, initially, Ippo only has a powerful uppercut and counter move at his disposal. As he progresses through the ranks however, he’ll learn new special moves. During a bout, fighters receive cuts and bruises — visual confirmation of how well they’re doing. Two players can take part in the game’s Versus mode (a single player can also compete against the computer in a once-off matchup), and can choose one of 44 fighters from a stable of large, sluggish bruisers to quicker, lithe opponents. One caveat is that many of these fighters must first be unlocked in the Career mode. Options such as the arena, presence of a trainer, number of KOs, and rounds can all be modified to the players’ liking.

Based on Hajima no Ippo, a Japanese comic book
Play alone or select one of 43 characters and challenge a friend to a quick round in the ring
Work your way through ten different venues including run-down gyms and auditoriums

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