Airblade [European] Overview (Synopsis and Features)

Hop on a futuristic floating skateboard to perform tricks for justice and rescue a friend in AirBlade, an extreme sports adventure from developers at the U.K.’s Criterion Studios. Players take the role of a skater named Ethan, whose friend Oscar used anti-gravity technology to invent the amazing hovering AirBlade board but has now been kidnapped by a large and heartless corporation.

As in many extreme sports titles, players travel to different areas performing tricks and special moves to complete level objectives. AirBlade strives to present goals and missions in the context of a developing storyline, however, to motivate the player to complete these objectives in character. Ethan must push both the amazing board and his own skating skills to the limits if he is to save his friend in time.

Play alone or challenge friends to five different multiplayer game modes
Explore each landscape to find hidden areas, bonus missions, and additional characters
Glide your way through several urban environments by swinging around flagpoles, grinding ledges, and flying over traffic

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