Lego Racers 2 – PC Review – LR2 is SO much better than the first one

Lego Racers 2 is such a great game! You travel to exciting new worlds: Sandy Bay, Dino Island, Mars, Artic and Xalax, the ultimate racing planet! You start out on Sandy Bay, a lively and cheerful island. You just wish you could leap right into that Lego world. Then, later, you travel to exciting Dino Island, where there are T-rexs, Stegosauruses, Triceratops and Pteronodons running around. Then you go to Mars, a bizzare world where you can talk to aliens. Next is the Artic, which is a world so cool, it’s frozen(really!). And last,but not least,is Xalax, the most incredible world of all! The only weird thing is Rocket Racer is real easy to beat. But you feel so excited to see millons of Lego guys cheering and screaming in huge stands around the tracks. All these worlds have fitting music. It’s just such an awesome game. When you play the game as long as I have, you start to get really good at it and you make up your own unique tricks.
There are also battles, which is a two player game. You and another player start on a world with no tracks. You can go wherever you want. The object of the battle is to knock all the bricks off the opponent’s car. My brother always wins:(
There are two player races also.
Here are a few tips for beating the bosses: With Sam Sinister, just avoid oil and don’t slow down. With the alien on Mars( I forget his name),take the shortcut in the waterfall. With the Berg, take the shortcut to the left RIGHT after the 2nd checkpoint. With Rocket Racer, avoid the walls and jumps and you’ll win! Oh, one tip: LR2 might not work on some laptops: you need a numberpad to build cars and usually laptops don’t have numberpads. πŸ™
If you don’t have LR2, you’re downright nuts. GET LEGO RACERS 2!!!! *dramatic music* πŸ™‚