Grand Theft Auto III Review and System Requirements

Grand Theft Auto III is unlike any computer game I’ve ever played. I
can’t tell you how amazing it is to get to

do what you want, when you
want in a game. Feel like playing just the main missions? No problem.
Want to make a little extra cash between missions by putting out fires,
busting other criminals or driving a cab? No problem. Want to just
drive around the massive city wreaking havoc and seeing how long you can
get by with it? No problem. It’s games like this that show the
possibility of what gamemakers can do when they think “outside the box.”

are hundreds of hours of gameplay in Grand Theft Auto III. And chances
are, you’ll want to go back and play various missions through again
because many missions can be done in different ways.
The voice
acting is superb and the overall sound is also excellent. The radio
stations that every car plays are hilarious. The PC version allows you
to place MP3 and/or WAV files into the game, so that you can have your
own radio station to listen to as you drive around.
the game is nothing special. It looks good, but it’s not going to win
any awards. It’s hard to complain, however, when the game world is so
large. Liberty City, where you play, is broken up into three distinct
parts. The developers had to draw the line somewhere! But, I’ll take
amazing gameplay over amazing graphics any day.

A couple notes of
caution, however. First, this isn’t a game for the children in your
house. There’s something about drive-by shootings, hooking up with
prostitutes and lobbing Molotav cocktails into city parks that isn’t
really appropriate for younger kids. Frankly, I’m not sure a lot of
adults would like that either, HOWEVER, the game does it in an
over-the-top comical way, so while it can be a bit graphic at times,
it’s not realistically graphic.

System requirements can be quite
steep, too. The required and recommended specs won’t get things running
with all the bells and whistles turned up, though that may not bother
you. I’m running an Athlon XP 2000+ CPU. That works wonders on loads,
but my GeForce 2 MX 400 card is going to need to be upgraded to get this
game running without really choppy framerates in some parts of the city
at 800×600 resolution.
Bottom line….If you have the ability to run the game, you’ll enjoy it if for no other reason than the incredible gameplay.

Verdict: 90/100

Minimum System Requirements:

Pentium III 450 CPU
16MB Direct3D Video Card
Fully DirectX compatible Sound Card
8X CD-Rom
500MB free hard disk space
Win 98/ME/2000/XP
Direct X 8.1

Recommended System Requirements

700 mhz CPU
32MB Direct3D Video Card
Fully DirectX compatible Sound Card
8X CD-Rom
500MB free hard disk space
Win 98/ME/2000/XP
Direct X 8.1
Windows NT (any version)


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