MotoGP 1 Review

This game is GREAT fun if you’re any sort of race-game enthusiast. We
ride motorcycles and got this immediately to see how well it did. We
were extremely impressed.You start out naming your character, giving
it a nationality, and choosing your helmet. There are a variety of ways
to play – time trials, tournament play, challenges, arcade style, or
‘realistic’. You can choose automatic or manual shifting, and there is a
wide variety of bikes available from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and other
lesser known brands.
The graphics are simply stunning. You easily
start to feel that you really are on a motorcycle, watching the
suspension work and the rear wheel kick out. The replays are gorgeous to
watch, and almost feel like a real motorcycle race. I’m tempted to show
a replay to a friend casually and see how long it takes them to realize
it’s a game.
The racers you compete with are all named racers from
the real world, and as you complete bonus challenges you get to see fun
photos of them playing the game. They obviously put a lot of work into
this, between the accurate gameplay and great graphics.
On the
downside, there are only five tracks, and the racers aren’t using real
racing techniques – they ride single file most of the time, not passing
each other or riding in groups like they would in a real race. Still,
with everything this game has achieved, I’d be hard pressed to complain
at all.

Verdict: 90/100

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