Industry Giant II Synopsis and Features

Industry Giant II expands the levels of corporate management of the original title by offering a wider range of resources and products (more than 150), diplomatic interaction, and an improved, more intuitive, menu system. Changing weather can now affect production and shipping, as many consumables are seasonal and require a deeper sense of managerial planning. Major facets of controlling an industrial conglomerate include gathering and processing raw materials, establishing optimum sites for your factories, planning effective shipping transportation (more than 50 methods are available), and marketing your goods.

Three tutorial missions cover basic game concepts, production of a complex production chain, and elements of transportation (routes, methods, and timing). Gameplay modes include three mission-based campaigns or an “endless” scenario that gives you 80-years (1900-1980) to meet one of three winning conditions, but play can continue to the year 9000. Play at beginner or professional skill levels in Skirmish mode against the computer, or indulge in multiplayer action via LAN or the Internet with up to three other players.

Shops, storage facilities, production facilities, transportation, maintenance and repair, vehicles, and special buildings are topics of discussion in the glossy manual, each with a full array of tips and suggestions to help ease the learning curve. Industry Giant II offers improved zoom functions and a dynamic mouse-click menu system to replace the static menus of the original, opening up the full screen for management of your industrial projects and layouts.

Improved graphics and menu system
More than 150 products to manufacture and 50 methods of transportation
Three mission-based campaigns or a new “endless” scenario gameplay mode
LAN or Internet multiplay for up to four competitors

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