Haven: Call of the King – Controls

CONTROLS DEFAULT Left Analog Stick move character Right Analog Stick camera L3 or R3 Button first person camera X Button jump Square Button use mag-ball Circle Button shield R2 + L2 Button center view L1 Button crouch, slide SPECIAL MOVES L1 + X Button high jump X Button (twice) double jump Left Analog Stick + […]

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 Overview

Tiger Woods and the PGA Tour continue their exclusive relationship with EA SPORTS for a fifth game in the best-selling professional golf series. Fourteen courses are available in this version, six of which are based on authentic venues in Pebble Beach, Sawgrass, the Royal Birkdale Golf Club, Princeville, Torrey Pines, Poppy Hills, Spyglass Hill, and […]

Deathrow Game Synopsis

Deathrow chronicles the 22nd century sport of Blitz, which involves two teams of four players attempting to gain possession of a disc and hurl it through a goal suspended a few feet above the ground. Matches are eight-minute affairs, broken up into four quarters spanning two minutes apiece. To acquire the coveted disc, players are […]

Sled Storm Review

Sled Storm offers another heaping dose of white-knuckle arcade racing for fans of SSX and SSX Tricky. The game offers simple controls, fast action, and inventive courses with shortcuts so long they almost qualify as completely new tracks. While the amount of depth is lacking compared to the original Sled Storm, which featured four-player support […]

WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos Overview

The company known for both defining and refining the genre returns to real-time strategy with this third full release in its longest-running series. Billed as a “Role-Playing Strategy,” Blizzard’s WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos offers a bit more than the standard resource management and army building common to contemporary RTS games. Players control smaller parties […]

Dexter’s Laboratory: Chess Challenge Synopsis

The Cartoon Network’s favorite boy genius matches wits with sister Dee Dee, rival Mandark, or even superhero Major Glory in this chess game from bam! Entertainment. Following the rules of the classic strategy game, play is presented in a Dexter’s Lab theme and features special character animations for winning moves. Dexter’s Laboratory: Chess Challenge offers […]

NBA Jam 2002 Overview (Synopsis)

Preceded only by Acclaim’s own Arch Rivals, NBA Jam was among the first basketball games to emphasize a fast-paced, no rules “street” style of play. The title garnered countless quarters in the arcades and led to friendly rivalries in console-equipped living rooms across the country. The action-oriented rules interpretation and exaggerated sports star personalities return […]

Legends of Wrestling II Review

Legends of Wrestling II carries on the dubious tradition of poor handheld wrestling games from Acclaim, publishers of such atrocities as WWF Attitude, WWF Betrayal, and countless other offenders. Yet the horrifying part is not the quality of said titles, but that they are selling well enough to justify more slipshod wrestling games. Hopefully, players […]

High Rollerz Review

High Rollerz can’t compete with major casino collections, such as those produced by Hoyle or even Avery Cardoza, but it doesn’t need to since the five fairly common games offered are presented in a charming and engaging manner. The collection proves that games don’t need an excess of features or overdone animations to be enjoyable. […]