High Rollerz Review

High Rollerz can’t compete with major casino collections, such as those produced by Hoyle or even Avery Cardoza, but it doesn’t need to since the five fairly common games offered are presented in a charming and engaging manner. The collection proves that games don’t need an excess of features or overdone animations to be enjoyable.

High Rollerz offers a choice of nine attractively drawn characters to represent you throughout the game. The icons are cute and done in a style that evokes comic books and anime, and each has its own personality with subtle effects that never distract from the game. The dealers at each table are done in the same style, and add cohesiveness to the game. While nothing about High Rollerz’s graphics is overly impressive, the presentation has a unique and refreshing look, breaking the mold of tired, mundane gambling titles.

Although the rules of roulette, craps, baccarat and blackjack remain the same no matter what collection they’re in, High Rollerz makes them friendly and approachable. The help file can’t be accessed within the game, but it’s a quick read and covers the rules easily. Players unfamiliar with the games can essentially jump right in and catch on quickly with the basic information offered.

The three variations on poker provided by High Rollerz, 7-card stud, 5-card draw, and Texas Hold’em, are an added bonus, giving the collection a bit of an advantage since many casino collections include only 5-card draw. Three levels for minimum and maximum bets allow you to exercise your preference for the stakes, and money totals for each selected character carry over between games and can be reset at any time. Considering this collection is so low profile, inclusion of these features is somewhat surprising.

High Rollerz may have limited offerings in terms of games, but offers them in impressive style. It can’t replace a more complete collection, but stands up well to the competition.


Colorful character designs, nicely drawn cards and tables, as well as sharp and clear visuals make the games easy to play.


Voices and sound effects are unobtrusive and evoke a casino atmosphere.


The collection offers only five games, including three variations on poker, but the games are done perfectly.

Replay Value

Carry over money totals and game enjoyment should be enough to make most gamers return for more.


The manual covers installation, and the help file is not available during play.

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