Addams Family Values [European]

Baby Pubert, the most recent addition to the Addams Family, has been abducted by Debbie Jellinski, his former nanny. As Uncle Fester it is your job to rescue little Pubert. You must search the surrounding areas (forests, swamps, gardens and the like) of Addams mansion, while avoiding traps, solving puzzles and killing monsters. You’ll face […]

Beating an Undead Horse

Zombies make for excellent cannon fodder, what with their hideous appearance, undead status, and tendency to shuffle mindlessly, so the abundance of recent zombie-related titles is unsurprising. But while games such as The Last of Us, State of Decay, and Telltale’s The Walking Dead prove the subject matter can still be exciting, they also join […]

What’s on the Menu?

Two hidden games were included with Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops, both of which could only be discovered after escaping from your character’s confinement on the menu screen. The first, Dead Ops Arcade, is a top-down zombie shooter whose twin-stick control scheme is reminiscent of such quarter-munchers as Robotron and S.M.A.S.H. TV. The second […]

And the Brand Played On

Creating and releasing video games is an expensive business, with the price tag for major titles moving into the tens-of-millions, and the cost of introducing a new franchise even more prohibitive. Publishers can’t be blamed for taking advantage of brand equity and stocking store shelves with sequels and yearly editions, but perhaps they can be […]

Shogun: Total War – Warlord Edition [Jewel Case]

Travel back to feudal Japan, a time when warring factions are tearing the country apart, and try to restore order to the land. As the supreme warlord, or Shogun, it is your duty to rise up and unite the warring factions of Japan. You must possess supreme strength, wisdom, courage, and leadership skills to battle […]