Grand Theft Auto Vice City Review and System Requirements

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a terrific and brilliantly designed video game. It is very similar to Grand Theft Auto 3, only bigger, better, and longer. It takes some of the flaws that were found in GTA3 and vastly improves on them. There are many more new things that are in the game, as […]

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Overview Synopsis and Features (Gameboy Advance)

Splinter Cell sneaks its way onto Game Boy Advance as a side-scrolling game with the same emphasis on stealth and covert action as its console siblings. The title alludes to the secret organization players are part of, an offshoot of the NSA called Third Echelon, whose members rigorously serve to protect America using whatever means […]

Tennis Masters Series 2003 Review (Anyone for Tennis?)

Knowledge of tennis rules and strategies is very helpful. Also, as your chosen player progresses through the season, his wins and losses are reflected in various aspects of the player’s game (e.g., speed, stamina, strength, serve speed and accuracy). It’s really quite intriguing. Other than rest periods during court end changes (etc.), you’re almost dealing […]