Tetris Worlds Review

There just have been so many games that are just so nostalgic, they keep coming back better and better. There are times where it either keeps getting better, or just keeps losing ground. That has happened with so many different classic games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and it has happened again with the most classic addictive puzzle game of all time, Tetris. Since this game originated from Russia in the 80’s, it has taken on the world by storm, and just keeps surprising so many different gamers of all ages. Yet, while so many just variations lose ground from Tetris, others just come out swinging.

Tetris Worlds is a collection of six different variations of Tetris that really are just amazing. There is the classic Tetris, as well other recognized, new variations of the game including Hot-Line Tetris, the learning game Learning Tetris, which is more like a basic instruction game that teaches people how to play Tetris, Fusion Tetris, Sticky Tetris, and Square Tetris. The graphics are just gorgeous and the gameplay is very simple to operate, with the push of a button on the keyboard. There are also the 2 classic modes from Tetris for all these games such as the story mode, and the arcade mode, where you have to beat the clock to try to clear as many lines as possible.

While you look at so many games that depend on out of the ordinary graphics, it is sometimes so easy to forget about classic games like Tetris. If you have played the game before, Tetris Worlds is a well worth buy for the computer. If you haven’t played this puzzled legend before, it is definitely worth the try. Don’t be boxed in, without trying this great, delightful game.

Verdict: 78/100

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