MotoGP 2 PC Review

This is probably one of the best racing games you can own; the realism is unparalleled for a racing game of its kind. Just look at the replay and someone walking past the television might mistake it for the real thing, especially with weather conditions on full.

MotoGP3 for the PS2 was released before the PC release of MotoGP2 and to be honest GP3 PS2 is a bit of a let down, not because it is not a great console game, it is, but because GP3 does not live up to GP2 on the PC. GP2 PC allows you a way more views while in GP3 you can only set up two switchable views before you start the game. Although the GP3 PS2 cockpit view is mightily improved from GP2, the fact that you can only switch to two limits the racing experience. Unlike GP2 PC GP3 PS2 has no switchable camera views in the instant replay meaning you are stuck on TV mode. GP2 PC gives you all the 10+ views. So GP3 PS2 is 4 stars because of these view configuration limitations. GP3 PS2 also has no training unlike GP2 PC.

However the GP3 PS2 racing engine is better than ever with more realistic tracks, more realistic driving (including simulation mode), faster bikes, improved environments, expanded multiplayer and lots more game modes than before. In terms of console bike sims, GP3 PS2 delivers in aces.

However the fact that GP2 PC is so much more makes me think that maybe GP3 PS2 will be best played on the PC when it comes. To be honest unless you are only looking for console biking get GP2 PC instead and get GP3 PS2 only for die hard fans of the series – which I am.

Great motorcycle simulator but limited when compared to its brothers.

*As a note GP2 PS2 is not the same as the GP2 PC version by a long shot. It has all the problems of GP3 PS2. As you can guess the PS2 is starting to show its age. It is not the sims fault.

Verdict: 85/100