Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Overview

Following in the tradition of SimCity and Theme Park, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis involves designing a dinosaur theme park from the ground-up and then maintaining its economic viability by keeping things safe and stable. Of course, that may be easier said than done when the “attractions” include velociraptors, tyrannosaurs, and other fearsome creatures. In addition to creating the park, players are challenged to complete a series of 12 missions ranging from dinosaur control to enduring the ravages of nature.

View the 3D park from a variety of user-controlled camera angles
Keep tourists happy by featuring favorite attractions
Spend money on research and development to acquire new DNA strains for the ultimate dinosaur
Embark on scenic tours using the Range Rover or hot air balloon to snap pictures for magazine coverage
Deal with rainstorms, lightning, wind, and twisters while maintaining the security of the park

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