BloodRayne 1 PC Review – Loved the Recharge

In this game, you play a half-vampire who recharges her energy by drinking the blood of her enemies. After the first level, she gets a harpoon to draw them to her to feed. That part is really neat. Otherwise, it’s your typical FPS. Your character defaults to blades, but can pick up guns and use them for a limited number of shots (you don’t find ammunition). You can only save at the beginning of levels, but each level tends to be pretty short.

The game starts pretty slow, but picks up after the first few levels. Check out the breast enhancement cheat for a good laugh.

About the Nazis – Nazis are the perfect enemy for FPS games because (a) they actually existed – the developer doesn’t have use any creativity or imagination and (b) everyone agrees that they were the bad guys (except a few nuts out there who we all agree are wrong). In the FPS context, it’s not like the plotline really matters much anyway.

I Spy Fantasy Synopsis and Features

I Spy Fantasy is a science fiction-themed version of the popular seek-and-find games. Designed to help kids aged six to ten develop skills like problem solving, vocabulary, and visual memory, I Spy Fantasy features nine adventures dealing with dragons, wizards, aliens, and sea creatures. The game includes 54 riddles, 30 locations, scavenger hunts, and special tools like a telescope and a microscope.

Nine educational adventures
More than 50 challenging riddles
Over 30 fantasy locations

Big Strike Bowling Overview

Big Strike Bowling offers a light-hearted look at the popular sport of bowling by mixing a wide array of fanciful characters (all customizable) and four venues (classical lanes, tropical beach setting, cosmic atmosphere, and a back-alley alley) with real-world physics. Players make adjustments to the curving arc of the ball prior to delivery, bowler position, speed, and power as they compete in four types of gameplay: Open Game, Team Game, Progressive Play and Tournament. The tournament pits the player’s bowler in a bracket consisting of 32 opponents, with a “sudden death” roll-off provided in case of a tie in the final game.

Players use money earned by winning tournament games to purchase bowling accessories and items, such as shoes, shirts, pants, and ball covers, as well as to unlock other bowlers and secrets. Player stats, including average, high game, earnings (from progressive and tournament games), percentage of strikes and spares per game, and number of wins and losses, can be saved. Even though the characters are exaggerated and the settings somewhat improbable, action in Big Strike Bowling presents believable challenges ranging from savvy competition to the ignominy of fouling at the line.

Four game modes: Open Game, Team Game, Progressive, and Tournament
Customize bowler looks, shoes, shirts, pants, ball covers, skin, hair color, hair style, and name
Unlock additional bowlers and secrets
Venues include tropical beach, back-alley, cosmic atmosphere, and classic “rockin'” lanes
Adjust bowler position, speed, power, and delivery resulting in realistic ball-movement physics

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Controls

Left Analog Stick walk, run
Square Button light whip attack, switch zones, examine, confirm
Triangle Button heavy whip attack, switch zones
Circle Button sub weapon, cancel
X Button jump, confirm
R1 or R2 Button guard, guard stance while held
L1 Button orb circle window open
L2 Button relic circle window open
R1 + Circle Button activate relic, deactivate relic
Right Analog Stick open real time window, move cursor, select choices
D-Pad move cursor
Select Button map screen
Start Button sub-screen