BloodRayne 1 PC Review – Loved the Recharge

In this game, you play a half-vampire who recharges her energy by drinking the blood of her enemies. After the first level, she gets a harpoon to draw them to her to feed. That part is really neat. Otherwise, it’s your typical FPS. Your character defaults to blades, but can pick up guns and use […]

I Spy Fantasy Synopsis and Features

I Spy Fantasy is a science fiction-themed version of the popular seek-and-find games. Designed to help kids aged six to ten develop skills like problem solving, vocabulary, and visual memory, I Spy Fantasy features nine adventures dealing with dragons, wizards, aliens, and sea creatures. The game includes 54 riddles, 30 locations, scavenger hunts, and special […]

Big Strike Bowling Overview

Big Strike Bowling offers a light-hearted look at the popular sport of bowling by mixing a wide array of fanciful characters (all customizable) and four venues (classical lanes, tropical beach setting, cosmic atmosphere, and a back-alley alley) with real-world physics. Players make adjustments to the curving arc of the ball prior to delivery, bowler position, […]

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Controls

CONTROLS Left Analog Stick walk, run Square Button light whip attack, switch zones, examine, confirm Triangle Button heavy whip attack, switch zones Circle Button sub weapon, cancel X Button jump, confirm R1 or R2 Button guard, guard stance while held L1 Button orb circle window open L2 Button relic circle window open R1 + Circle […]