BloodRayne 1 PC Review – Loved the Recharge

In this game, you play a half-vampire who recharges her energy by drinking the blood of her enemies. After the first level, she gets a harpoon to draw them to her to feed. That part is really neat. Otherwise, it’s your typical FPS. Your character defaults to blades, but can pick up guns and use them for a limited number of shots (you don’t find ammunition). You can only save at the beginning of levels, but each level tends to be pretty short.

The game starts pretty slow, but picks up after the first few levels. Check out the breast enhancement cheat for a good laugh.

About the Nazis – Nazis are the perfect enemy for FPS games because (a) they actually existed – the developer doesn’t have use any creativity or imagination and (b) everyone agrees that they were the bad guys (except a few nuts out there who we all agree are wrong). In the FPS context, it’s not like the plotline really matters much anyway.

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