The Japanese version of Scribblenauts, released as Maxwell’s Marvelous Notepad, features some bonus creations not present in the U.S. game. Konami, the game’s overseas publisher, added Vic Viper (the ship from the Gradius series), Solid Snake (from the Metal Gear Solid series), Goemon (from the Ganbare Goemon series), Manaka (from the LovePlus dating series), and more. As in the U.S. version, players can conjure items, creatures, or people simply by typing in words. They can then use their creations to solve a variety of whimsical puzzles.

Fight Night 2004 Overview

Leading sports game publisher Electronic Arts returns to the squared circle with Fight Night 2004, the first release under this new title. While a number of the sports’ real-life professionals are featured in the game, including Lennox Lewis, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and cover athlete Roy Jones Jr., a Create-A-Player option allows gamers to design their own contenders from scratch. The game’s new, analog stick-driven “Total Punch Control” system is designed to offer players greater immediate manipulation of their boxers, allowing them to steer each swing, block, and evasive move. Like most other contemporary EA Sports titles, online play is supported for the PlayStation 2 version only, through the EA Sports Nation service.

Total punch control turns the analog stick into a dynamic punch button
Choose from a selection of the greatest fighters in history
Authentic damage model produces real-time cuts, bruises, and swelling