Beyblade: G-Revolution Synopsis

Based on the same-titled third season of the Beyblade animated series, the Game Boy Advance version of Beyblade: G-Revolution has players exploring a game world designed around the spinning top competitions. As they discover new areas and win Beyblade battles, they’ll earn new parts that can be used to customize their Beyblades and make them more powerful.

Turn on your Torchlight

The action role-playing game Torchlight, available for PC and Xbox Live Arcade, shares more than a few similarities with Diablo. The three character classes (destroyer, alchemist, and vanquisher) are patterned after the warrior, sorcerer, and rogue in Diablo. The setting is a single town that serves as a gateway to underground dungeons filled with monsters and treasure. Your character’s health and mana are represented by large blue and red spheres, and the loot is classified by rarity. Torchlight’s developer, Runic Games, is comprised of members who worked on Blizzard’s Diablo series as well as the similarly themed Fate.