Tetris Elements Review

its got 6 modes including classic tetris. It basically changes the back round and then one extra thing, like in the fire mode you can clear 8 rows instead of 4 if you super heat the bottom 4 rows by dropping them fast.
You can load your music into the program by putting it in the music folder provided so you can listen to your tunes while you play without minimizing. It keeps your score and you can have several log ons.

The only problem is you can’t minimize (probably because its an old game?) you have to use CTRL-ALT-DELETE. It doesn’t crash the game, thankfully, but its kinda annoying.

One other thing is that when you get a tetris (clear 4 rows at once) the game lags for a second. It doesn’t matter if you’re competing because it consistently lags for a second (freezes the game to give you your bonus score) so it’ll be fair, i just found it slightly annoying.

I’d say if you really like tetris, its worth the $15 i payed for it.

Verdict: 75/100

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