Battle for Middle Earth Review

I usally have trouble finding video & pc games but this game was just a no-brainer( maybe thats because I’m a LOTR junkie).

Anyway,This is a marvolous game, A true pefection by EA.

Overall Gamplay: At the beginning of a new campaign you are givin the choice of playing with the forces of good or evil,Good being the armies of Rohan & Gondor thus evil being the armies of Isengard & Mordor.There are two different kinds of battles:Major battles and Ancillary battles.Major battles such as Helms Deep, Minas Tirith and Isengard.Ancillary battles are just battles For territories such as Emyn Arnen or Mirkwood.In gameplay there are four different building sites Settlements, Outposts ,Camps and Castles.You can build farms, barracks,Orc pits,furnaces ect.Obviously not all this free you need resoures. Produce resoures with farms,blacksmiths,citadels,slauter houses,furnaces ect.You also play not only with soldiers and horseman orcs and warg riders but Giant Eagles,Ents The Oathbreakers the Balrog and more.Sound and graphics are wonderful.But there are always downfalls, the game takes ALOT!!!!!!!! of memory.And one thing that disapointed me was that there was a limit to how many troops you can train called your Command limit.Plus the opposing side really Doesn’t really have much sense of stategy well it is okay but it could be better.

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