Silent Hill 4 The Room PC Review

I had heard great things about this series and how scary they were, and
what a great storyline the Silent Hill series has. Unfortunately I will
never know because I uninstalled it after about 5 hours of “gameplay.”

have been playing computer games for 25 years of all types, from Zork,
to King’s Quest, to FPS games, and without a doubt, this game has the
worst movement controls and combat system I’ve ever seen. It is
incredibly awkward to move, mainly because of the camera angles, which
continually change direction. Sometimes the camera will be in front of
you facing the character (almost always a terrible position if combat is
involved), and sometimes it will switch to a bird’s eye view and you
wil be staring at the character’s head. Combat is awkward too due to
the camera angles. It’s difficult to target certain monsters, and some
you won’t even know are there until they’re right on top of you when the
camera is faced forwards. This just not make for a “Scary” gameplay
experience, just frustrating. I hate dying to what appears to be a very
easy monster because the camera angle won’t easily shift to it. When
the camera is in first person view, response time of the mouse is not
very quick (you can’t change this, even with your mouse), and trying to
use the “look” cursor to view objects takes way too long.

addition to this, the game is slow. You can run, but combat moves are
about half as slow as traditional games (even adventure ones). And if
you die, prepare to have to go through a lot of trouble to get back to
your resume point, including having to go through the same cinematic
sequences, since the game has very inopportune save points.

won’t be going back to the Silent Hill series without playing a demo of
future games first. This game almost would have been much better as an
adventure game instead of an action game. I’d rather watch the
cinematic sequences and try to figure out puzzles than spend my entire
time just trying to move around and fight.      

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