First appearance God of War Released 2005 Format ps2 created by SCE Santa Monica Studio

It’s not that we don’t feel for Kratos – our day’s a write-off if PSN goes down, so being tricked into

slaughtering your own family by a vengeful god has to be at least twice as bad. But extenuating circumstances aside, that PlayStation’s least likeable personality consistently makes it to the top of your favourite ever characters is a wonderfully gory anomaly. Let’s review the evidence: not only does his quest for revenge against the gods of Olympus doom the world to Armageddon; he also uses a wailing woman as a doorstop, bashes Zeus’ face into mulch and repurposes another god’s head as lamp.

And yet, there’s a simple purity to Kratos’ bloodlust. When he’s condemned to the Underworld, he just ups and walks out again. When faced with monsters the size of mountain ranges, he gamely scurries up their legs and pokes their eyes out. And there’s not a body part on any mythical creature that the God Of War can’t remove with the right QTE. We doubt Kratos’ bloody quest for vengeance will ever bring him the peace he’s after – but it would be a sad day for PlayStation if it did.

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