Madden NFL 06 Xbox360 Review

One word describes this game, “rushed”! It is so blatantly obvious that EA “rushed” this game to the market to coincide with the release of the XBox 360 just to show off their new and improved player models. As some of you already know this happens, but I really didn’t expect it from a company like EA. This game was absolutely horrible. Here’s the funny thing, before a game that I played with Pittsburgh they were showing “Big” Ben Roethlisberger standing beside Hines Ward and they were the exact same height, mind you Ben is 5 inches taller than Hines. Now normally this wouldn’t bother me so much, but if the only purpose in releasing the game was to show off the realistic player models, how could this happen? Oh yeah, the camera sux!!! On the plus side, the fans look pretty cool (sarcasm). They totally stripped down the franchise mode. I dont’ like the new play calling menu screen. We’ve been using the same system for how many years now, and i’ve never heard a complaint about it, why change now? 10/100

Bankshot Billiards 2 Xbox360 Review

Great game of pool to be had here especially in mulitplayer online and offline with friends. A testament to how addictive and good this game is the amount of time i have spent playing it when I have ‘next gen’ 360 games sitting on the shelf. The graphics are good with a perfect birds eye view of the table. The ball physics are superb the only thing you can’t do is make the ball jump! Swerve shots backspin and topspin are all easily implemented with the equally excellent if not a touch sensitive control system. Ok a little pricey compared to other XBL Arcade games but if you a fan of pool I think its worth every penny.