Gun – Xbox 360 Review

I’m really into history with the wild west and all so When i first played this game i was hooked, it has a great story line,one of the best parts about this game is, in order to keep your health meter up you have to drink whiskey, most of the time when i was playing this game my dad was watching me, he thought it was a great game and was very exciting, i mean come on if your dad enjoys watching you play this game you know it’s good right. but like most games it does have it’s flaws, there’s only 2 towns you go through, i wish there could have been more western towns and duel combats with outlaws, and the free roaming areas are small so that was a big down fall for the game, and also the most upsetting thing was how short the game was, i was playing it for like 8-10 hours straight then i was done all of a sudden, and when you finish the game 100% you get a cannon rifle gun, i mean come on whats the use of having a badass cannon gun when you can’t use them against the enemies that you already have beaten.
other than that GREAT GREAT game. an easy 90 out of 100

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