Project Gotham Racing 3 Xbox 360 Review (The game is from 2005. Feels like it’s from 2005)

Odd physics, clunky racing, random drifting, hit-wall-spin-out-lose-three-place-last-lap style races, crappy car selection… Overall, I played the game for about 45 minutes before I got bored and frustrated. Remember Need for Speed Underground? Drifting was great there and well executed however unrealistic as it was. Forza just took drifting out all together and made the rest of the game flawless. PGR tried to do both with allowing you to pull off moves, but did it poorly. You either break hard, not at all, early (causing you to understeer into a wall) or late (causing you to slide careening into a wall). Slow acceleration of any of the cars in the game makes it pretty boring. Like I said, about 30-45 minutes worth of gametime before you put it down for good.

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