NBA Live 06 Xbox360 Review

Well, I was looking for the best NBA game to play on my new Xbox 360 and I must say this one doesn’t cut it. It’s gameplay is sluggish and there is too much missing..

1.No Franchise mode???

How can you not have a franchise mode in today’s basketball games? It’s a strong building block for any basketball or football game now really.

2.No Dunk, 3pt, or any kind of special mode??

This isn’t 1993 guys. This is 2006!

3.The game just feels robotic

The players, the court, the fans… It all has a robotic feel. I never once was fooled that an NBA game would be like this. I was playing as the Suns, and it’s amazing how unfluid the game feels… I think part of the problem is that it wants to be half

sim and half arcade… The action is slowed down, but you’re still able get a shot basically anytime you want with ease.

4.The players appear to skate around alittle bit. The NBA had this problem with games back in the NBA Shootout days. In fact, this NBA Live reminds me more of that 3rd party series than a game that EA sports should be producing.

5.The camera angles. I actually like to play from the side view, but the camera just can’t keep up with the action and so you sometimes run out of bounds or get the ball stolen because you can’t see were you are.

I give it 2 1/2 stars overall. The graphics are pretty good.. And

the broadcasters are good. The problem is the game falls apart once the game starts and with the lack of features.

EA said they’re building from the ground up? Well, why did they charge people 60 bucks for a freakin demo game basically

Hexic HD Xbox 360 Review

Its a good thing this game is free, cause it really isn’t worth paying for. Its a decent puzzle game in short bursts, but the games can last for quite a while and get boring fairly quickly. And it doesn’t help that the games music is completely forgettable. Overall its worth trying, but don’t expect it to keep you coming back for very long.