NBA 2K6 Xbox360 Review

This is the most realistic basketball game i have ever seen! No other one even comes close! The graphics are awesome! The gameplay is smooth and has the feel of a real nba game! Player models look great(tell me that dosen’t look just like Shaq O’neal)! But one of the coolest features to me is the create a player mode where you can create a player and use names already set in the game and here the annoucers actually call that name during a great play like a break away dunk! I have created a full squad of my buddies and we really go at it! I could play it 24/7! Sorry EA, nba live dosen’t even hold a candle to 2k, and anyone that thinks it does just doesn’t know about video games very well or is just plain nuts! I played nba live and there is no comparison to 2k! Can’t wait for Nba 2k7!

Fable The Lost Chapters PC Review

When I bought it I was hoping for Morrowind with more features. What I
got was a very pretty game, with some new features, but was too short,
didnt have enough story, was way more linear than advertised, was too
easy and too expensive. When I finished I didnt get that satisfied
feeling like I normally get after finishing a good game or a good book. I
will probably only play through it once more just to see the other

Graphics were excellent, combat was intuitive, nice spell
selection (not too many spells), I loved some of the visual things they
added like tatoos, scarring, hair cuts, you can become fat or skinny
depending on what you eat, get big muscles or have no muscles. These and
other what I consider small but integral things should definitely be in
future RPGs. Some pretty big things were missing though.

you cannot play the game as a female charater. Im a guy, but hey some
times I like to play games as a female. Second, the story was very thin,
hardly any character development. Interaction with NPCs is way too
mechanical. Over the game you age about 25-40 years but hardly anything
happens to flesh out who you are in relation to the other characters.
Sure you can get married, be come good or evil, big and strong or small
and magical but why should I care about you as a character? Why do other
characters in the story care about you? Why should I care about any of
the other characters in the game. We learn basically nothing about
anyone except basic events in their life, nothing about what they like
or dislike, what theyve done, what motivates them. I mean, you learn
more about the mercenaries you can hire from their side comments and
interaction with each other than you do about the character’s sister or
his school roomate who play major roles. I very much missed the dialog
and character depth, both payable sexes, and multiple races of Morrowind
and Neverwinter Nights.

The game was just too darn easy and it
doesnt have any way to increase the difficulty. I blasted through it in a
weekend and did most of the side quests (even though they were mostly
for money, which you have too much of anyway) and even the extra area
they very obviously tacked on at the end. The only way I found to make
it more difficult was to run around naked and use less expensive
weapons. The early game was good but by the middle and definitly at the
end I was destroying everything. The bosses are all way too predictable
and with a little magic, some parrying and a few potions you barely even
get injured most of the time by the normal enemies. There was never a
time when I was killed or thought I might die.

I really hope
there is a Fable II because I think they could do a better job, even if
they reused the graphics engine and just hired some better story
deveoplers they could make a much more enjoyable game.

Of course maybe my preference for story driven games is what makes me dislike aspects of this predominatley hack and slasher.  

Verdict: 80/100    

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 PC Review (Winning Eleven 9)

I just traded in FIFA ’06 for this game. The atmosphere is great, and the game makes you feel like you’re watching a soccer game on TV. The graphics are very good, better than FIFA in my opinion. Yes, the faces on the players during the cutscenes of FIFA ’06 look better than the faces in WE9. But, the overall look of WE9 is better than FIFA ’06. The stadiums, lighting effects, weather, and animations all look phenomenal. The animations are possibly the best in any sports game available. The controls are very in-depth, but you can easily play the game effectively without learning all of the special moves.

Now for the bad. FIFA ’06 has a lot more licensed teams. WE9 has a good amount, but definitely not as much of a selection when compared to FIFA ’06. Arsenal and Chelsea are the biggest additions to this year’s installment, but, those are the only licensed teams of the English Premier League. I believe you can go to the Winning Eleven 9 website to vies all the teams they have available. Anyway, you are able to rename any teams that you want. So, you can change “Man Red” to Manchester United. You can also change the uniforms to anything you want to, the team emblems, and the team flags. Also, you can rename the stadiums. I renamed all the teams that needed it, and it took me about 90 minutes to do so. Also, if you’re a fan of the U.S. national team, you’ll have to rename all the players on the roster, as none of them are on there. Also, you’ll have to change the appearance of some of them.

Now for the biggest gripe, and it’s a big one. When I first bought the game, I thought it was great. There are five difficulty settings, 1 star is the easiest and 5 stars being the most difficult. I started on the second star to learn the game and I was able to win all the games I played. Then, I bumped the difficulty level up to 3 stars. The game becomes nearly impossible at this point. The opposing team will ALWAYS outrun you. It doesn’t matter if you have the fastest player on the game and they have the slowest player with the ball, they’ll outrun you. Not only is this cheap, but you will find that you have the absolute dumbest teammates in sports gaming history. These idiots will RUN AWAY from the ball. Also, there are way too many fouls called. If I try to challenge an opposing player for the ball, a foul will almost always be called. That reduces me to hoping for a loose-ball interception from my player or one of my dunce teammates (which still hasn’t happened after about 25 games).

Even though the game appears to cheat on the third level of difficulty, I can say that the game is very challenging and makes you work hard. I hope that I can become perfect at the game so I don’t always lose. Constantly competing against a cheating A.I. (that’s artificial intelligence for you non-gamers) will make you very frustrated and want to break your controller in half and throw it at the game developers. Hey, at least the games last longer than in FIFA ’06. Instead of a game lasting 30 minutes at most with FIFA, a WE9 game will usually take about 50 minutes when you play for the longest time allowed.

If you buy this game, be prepared to have a love/hate relationship with it, and be prepared to be ver angry for a lot of the time.

Audio: 4/5 (good commentary, sound effects, and crowd noise)

Gameplay and controls: 5/5 (perfect for a soccer game)

Graphics: 4/5 (faces lack a bit of detail, but animations are phenomenal)

Fun: 3/5 (so frustrating that a lot of fun is lost)

Verdict: 80/100

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Overview (Synopsis and Features)

The crusade against the vampire Dracula continues, as Castlevania debuts on DS with this fast-paced fighting adventure. Serving as a sequel to the GBA’s Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (2003), Dawn of Sorrow returns players to the role of Soma Cruz, a noble hero who struggles to resist his accursed call to join the forces of evil. Players can enhance Soma’s powers by collecting souls from defeated enemies, or by trading them wirelessly with other Dawn of Sorrow players. The monster-bashing action plays out in the lower screen, in a style similar to that of the series’ various 2D side-scrolling classics, while character statistics and other background information are displayed above, removing the need to constantly pause the game to check currently equipped powers and weapons. This chapter in the Castlevania epic was produced by Koji Igarashi and other key members of the team responsible for acclaimed Aria of Sorrow.

Defeat a variety of ghastly monsters lurking in Dracula’s castle
Use the stylus and touch screen to unlock areas and weaken enemies
Collect souls of fallen foes to enhance your character’s abilities
Gain experience over time and acquire new weapons and armor
Wireless support to exchange captured souls or for racing against a friend

Smash T.V. Xbox360 Review

Really addictive, it doesn’t get old very easily. I beat the game without once stopping just because I never got bored. It’s even better if you play it online or invite somone over to play it. The only complaint is how much the “continues” divide your Live score, especially when you won’t get very far without respawning unless you’re a hardened veteran at the game. That, and the final achievement, “Game Master” is slightly ridiculous, and perhaps impossible: Beat the entire game without using a “continue.” Other than that, this game is easily worth 400 Microsoft Points, and has a good replay value. 80/100