Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Overview (Synopsis and Features)

The crusade against the vampire Dracula continues, as Castlevania debuts on DS with this fast-paced fighting adventure. Serving as a sequel to the GBA’s Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (2003), Dawn of Sorrow returns players to the role of Soma Cruz, a noble hero who struggles to resist his accursed call to join the forces of evil. Players can enhance Soma’s powers by collecting souls from defeated enemies, or by trading them wirelessly with other Dawn of Sorrow players. The monster-bashing action plays out in the lower screen, in a style similar to that of the series’ various 2D side-scrolling classics, while character statistics and other background information are displayed above, removing the need to constantly pause the game to check currently equipped powers and weapons. This chapter in the Castlevania epic was produced by Koji Igarashi and other key members of the team responsible for acclaimed Aria of Sorrow.

Defeat a variety of ghastly monsters lurking in Dracula’s castle
Use the stylus and touch screen to unlock areas and weaken enemies
Collect souls of fallen foes to enhance your character’s abilities
Gain experience over time and acquire new weapons and armor
Wireless support to exchange captured souls or for racing against a friend

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