NBA 2K6 Xbox360 Review

This is the most realistic basketball game i have ever seen! No other one even comes close! The graphics are awesome! The gameplay is smooth and has the feel of a real nba game! Player models look great(tell me that dosen’t look just like Shaq O’neal)! But one of the coolest features to me is the create a player mode where you can create a player and use names already set in the game and here the annoucers actually call that name during a great play like a break away dunk! I have created a full squad of my buddies and we really go at it! I could play it 24/7! Sorry EA, nba live dosen’t even hold a candle to 2k, and anyone that thinks it does just doesn’t know about video games very well or is just plain nuts! I played nba live and there is no comparison to 2k! Can’t wait for Nba 2k7!

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