Project: Snowblind Review (A well done project!)

This is a superior game! There are lots of good things about it, and
very few bads. In fact, I only got started on the game and I already
know this! One can only imagine how much I’ll love this game once I get
to higher levels! Anyway, here are all of the pros and cons about this
WONDERFUL shoot-em up game, which I got for my B-Day.


The graphics are slick and terrific, and there is plenty of room for you to move about and around in.

can use all sorts of firearms and explosives, everything from shotguns
to sniper rifles to grenades to that huge gun with limitless bullets in
the ground. Ice pick, too!

There are a lot of cool quotes.

When you shoot an enemy, not only does blood fly but you can also pick up his gun and use it to your advantage!

Most of the people, including you, wear very cool costumes!

All sorts of flying vehicles come out and you can blow them up, even when they try to toss grenades or atom bombs at you.

You can save where you left off.

can shoot an enemy anywhere you please(I imagine they are hunters, who
kill or hurt beautiful animals and good people, and I BLOW THEIR HEADS

There is constant gunfire, to make the game both challenging and awesome.


Sometimes the game can be a little bit complicated and/or frustrating.

You don’t have limitless bullets.

course, this is a terrific game and it is my second favorite shooting
game next to Silent Scope. I should add that Silent Scope only tops this
game BY AN EYELASH. And a very small one, too. Close second place, in
short. It is among the best games I’ve ever played and I recommend it to
anybody who likes shoot-em up fun games.

Verdict 90/100       

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