Syberia 2

Continuing the adventures of Kate Walker and Hans Voralberg, Syberia II offers players a refined graphic engine with added animation, more characters to interact with, and broader environments in which to explore. Further enhancing the atmosphere are cinematic camera angles and a dialog system that now changes according to which questions were previously asked of characters. The interface remains the same as the original game, with navigation accomplished using a point-and-click system with context sensitive areas that allow players to inspect items or points of interest more closely, initiate conversations, grab objects, and perform actions. The backgrounds once again consist of pre-rendered artwork designed by French artist Benoît Sokal, who also wrote the story. As the narrative unfolds, Kate Walker is now a companion to Hans Voralberg instead of an attorney looking to track him down. Kate’s previous role in life is now of secondary importance as she begins a journey of epic proportions, one to find the fabled homeland of the living mammoths.

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