Platform PC Genre Role-Playing Styles Action, Role-Playing Game Developer Piranha Bytes Publisher Xicat Interactive Release Date November 24, 2001 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 3,6/5

Complaints: Hard to learn_controls. VVay too many bugs and no flysvvatters around. Not enough ‘sneak’ options. The game gets a bit boring tovvards the end vvhen u are just running around_killing things to build up our character. This happens in a lot_of RPG’s, I vvonder why? The ending is_disappointing.

Written by: blend

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  1. Anonymous June 19, 2010 | Reply

    this game and gothic 2 is best ever rpg i played

  2. Anonymous April 8, 2011 | Reply

    The best game from his year.:)
    I like it.

  3. Anonymous April 30, 2011 | Reply

    it is teh best, tryed the Obvilion, but Gothic is better

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