Publisher Gathering of Developers, Developer Illusion Softworks

Game description
Mafia is a 3D action crime epic set in the seedy underworld of the 1930’s. Rise from the lowly but well-dressed Footsoldier, to an envied and feared Made Man in an era of mob hits, car chases, and bootlegging. Earn a reputation as a tough enforcer, daring getaway driver, and deadly hitman in your quest for respect and power within the Salieri Family.

System requirements
Widows 98/Me/2000 XP with Direct X 8.1 installed; Pentium III 500 MHz compatible processor or higher; 128 MB RAM; 8x CD-ROM; 800MB Hard Drive Space; Direct X 8.1 compatible 3D Accelerator with 32MB RAM; DirectX Sound Card.

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