Max Payne 2

Platform PC Genre Action Styles Third-Person Shooter Developer Remedy Entertainment Publisher Rockstar Games Release Date October 14, 2003 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad

Rating: 3,8/5

Max Payne returns_in this slick, glossy_sequel to the first_installment. Expect more of the_same but everything_has been tvveaked & polished to perfection_leaving u vvith a game that has_even more class & style than it’s predesessor_The only two minor complaints_are the slight_clipping issues & the fact that it’s vvay too short. But these_are eclipsed by_the games many great_acomplishments. The Havok_engine & the rag doll physics_combined vvith the superb voice_acting & story give_us a taste of vvhere PC action games are heading_over the next 5 years & the future_looks verybright indeed. If u had so much_as a passing_interest in the first game u vvill love this.

3 thoughts on “Max Payne 2”

  1. I'm sorry for being rude!
    but 3,5 / 5? are you kidding? this is one of the best games of the generation XBOX / PS2 … few games of that time equaled in graphics, story and gameplay …

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