Stronghold Legends PC Review

Ok first off the idea is a really good one. I have always loved the medevil ages type games. Between this game and Stronghold 2 Stronghold 2 wins by a mile. In Stronghold Legends they do add alot of new units and I find it to be a much cooler, funner game with dragons and wizards. It makes it more of a medevil ages type game. The problem with this game is that they took away to much of what made stronghold stand out from the other medevil games. In Legends you get only stone walls, No wood walls. And where as most people would find that to not be a big deal I find it to be stupid. This is because you may not always have a ton of stone to work with but you almost always have MORE then enough wood. You get to make moats (Arthur only) but you don’t get drawbridges. (whats the point in a moat if you can’t use it to protect your WHOLE castle.) It says in the book that your gatehouse is seen as a soft target and must be garded well. And yet you can’t build a moat in front of it otherwise no one can get in OR OUT of your castle.

Along with your gatehouses you have no control over them being open or closed. They just always stay closed until one of your troops get close to it, then it automaticly opens for him. The problem I have found with this is that one of my guys walked up to the gate and the enemy walked right in with him. Almost as if they where long lost friends who where both serving diffrent kings. “Hey Phil” the enemy would say. “Oh hey Chuck, hows it going” my guy would say back. “Oh its going good. My King…your kings enemy…has told me to come kill your king. You mind if I come in.” the enemy would ask. “Well I don’t think my king would like you killing him….but….you ARE my friend from 30 years ago and I was sorta able to trust you back then. So….Sure come on in Chuck.” The game has changed too much over the years. The very first stronghold was awsome for its time. Then stronghold 2 came out which is way better then the first one but its pretty much the same exact game. And then they had this AWSOME idea to make Stronghold Legends and its a really good idea its just they took away too much of what made Stronghold a TRUE castle builder. If you want a good castle builder game go with Stronghold 2 but don’t spend the money on Stronghold Legends. You get to do SOOOOO much more in Stronghold 2.

Verdict: 60/100

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