Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza

Publisher: Sierra
Developer: Piranha Games
Platform: PC · Genre:
Release Date: 05/07/02 · Origin: U.S. First-Person Shooter
Game Description:You may want to actually die before you go out and pick this game up, or at least read the review and think about your choices. Either way, the new classic action movie, Die Hard, has finally been made into a first person shooter only 14 years after the movie’s release. Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza lets you take the role of John McClane, New York cop and smart ass hero, on his little journey through hell and back to free a building from high tech bank robber terrorist guys with accents.

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PC Magazine 02/20/2003 3 /5 6.0
IGN.com 05/07/2002 5.5 /10 5.5
Adrenaline Vault (Avault) 05/07/2002 2.5 /5 5.0
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