Hidden & Dangerous 2

Publisher: Gathering of Developers Developer: Illusion Softworks Platform: PC · Genre: Action 10/21/03 Release Date:· Origin: U.S.
Game Description: Hidden and Dangerous 2 is a first and third person tactical shooter that builds upon the tremendous success of its predecessor. With its unique blend of action, strategy and tactics, Hidden and Dangerous 2 will test gamers’ commanding skills, with more than 20 complex missions over nine different campaigns. Individual operations take place in locations throughout the world, from the lush jungles of Burma to the harsh deserts of Africa. Hidden and Dangerous 2 will feature multiplayer modes including Cooperative and Deathmatch play, with the option to play as Axis forces.

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Original Rating - the rating the source gave this game as originally published on their site and/or publication. Adjusted Rating - the rating the source gave this game, adjusted for the GameStats rating scale. (0.0 to 10.0).
PC Magazine 02/08/2005 4 /5 8.0
G4 / Tech TV 06/04/2004 3 /5 6.0
Computer Gaming World 04/12/2004 3.5 /5 7.0
GameSpy.com 11/05/2003 3 /5 6.0
IGN.com 10/29/2003 7.9 /10 7.9
GamePro 10/21/2003 3.5 /5 7.0
Adrenaline Vault (Avault) 10/21/2003 3.5 /5 7.0

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