Lock On: Modern Air Combat

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: The Fighter Collection
Platform: PC · Genre: Flight Simulation
Release Date:· Origin: 11/18/03 U.S.

Game Description: Feel the power of commanding a modern jet fighter. Fly a variety of combat aircraft in the most graphically rich, audio intense game environment ever created for a combat flight simulator. Lock On: Modern Air Combat combines a broad scope of game play that includes engaging missions, an immersive combat environment, and in-your-face action. Choose from eight U.S. and Russian jets that range from the tank-killing A-10 Warthog and, ground-pounding Su-25 Frogfoot to air superiority fighters like the F-15C Eagle and Su-27 Flanker. Filled with intense campaigns, realistic flight modeling and flexible game options, Lock On sets out to provide unlimited game play action to both novice and veteran flight sim fans.

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Original Rating - the rating the source gave this game as originally published on their site and/or publication. Adjusted Rating - the rating the source gave this game, adjusted for the GameStats rating scale. (0.0 to 10.0).
Computer Gaming World 04/15/2004 3.5 /5 7.0
Computer Games Magazine 03/23/2004 3 /5 6.0
GMR 02/13/2004 7 /10 7.0
PC Gamer 02/01/2004 79 /100 7.9
GMR 01/27/2004 7 /10 7.0
GameSpy.com 12/28/2003 2 /5 4.0
IGN.com 12/19/2003 7.8 /10 7.8

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