Dead Man’s Hand


Publisher: Atari
Developer: Human Head Studios
Platform: PC ·
First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 03/16/04 ·

review: Dead Man’s Hand is a first-person shooter set in the Wild West. You assume the role of El Tejon, a master gunslinger on a mission of vengeance. As the story unfolds, you will pursue members of “The Nine,” a gang of ruthless outlaws who betrayed you and left you for dead. For the first time ever, you can experience the best elements of the Western genre, brought straight from the silver screen to Xbox and PC. Gunslinging, bar brawls, horseback action sequences, train chases and epic showdowns are just part of the Old West feel in this bona fide “period piece” adventure. Play through the single-player adventure, powered by Unreal technology, or compete with other players online.
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PC Magazine 02/08/2005 4 /5 8.0
Computer Games Online [RO] 12/09/2004 79 /100 7.9 07/07/2004 4.5 /10 4.5
GameAxis 06/23/2004 6.6 /10 6.6
PC Zone [UK] 06/10/2004 56 /100 5.6
PC Gamer 06/01/2004 75 /100 7.5
GameBiz [AU] {2001-2005 archive} 04/30/2004 65 /100 6.5
Game Freaks 365 04/09/2004 5.4 /10 5.4 04/06/2004 6.2 /10 6.2
GameSpot 03/26/2004 6.6 /10 6.6

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