Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption

info:. Publisher: Activision Developer: Nihilistic Platform: PC · Genre: RPG Release Date: 06/07/00 Origin: U.S. review:. Computer Hope 01/01/2005 10 /10 10.0 Christ Centered Game Reviews 08/29/2003 80 /100 8.0 Computer Games Magazine 07/06/2000 4 /5 8.0 06/16/2000 7.0 /10 7.0 GamePro 06/07/2000 4.5 /5 9.0 Adrenaline Vault (Avault) 06/07/2000 4 /5 8.0 Average […]

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

info:. Publisher: Ubisoft Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Platform: PC Genre: Third-Person Adventure Release Date: 02/18/03 Origin: Canada review:.Third-person stealth action game, puts you in control of Sam Fisher, an ex-CIA, ex-Navy SEAL who’s called into service at the request of the National Security Agency. The NSA has commissioned a new sub-agency called Third Echelon to gather […]

King of Fighters Series

PCplatform: mameThe King of Fighters ’98 – The Slugfest part 1 part 2 part3 King of Fighters 2002 zip / Plus (set 1, bootleg) King of Fighters 96——————————————————————– KING OF FIGHTERS 10th The King of Fighters (or KOF for short) is a fighting game series by SNK that debuted in 1994. The premise was to […]

Glory of the Roman Empire

info:. Publisher: CDV Developer: Haemimont Games AD Platform: PC · Genre: Simulation Release Date: 07/03/06 · Origin: Europe review:.Glory of the Roman Empire is an empire-building simulation set during the height of the glorious Roman Empire in which the player assumes the roles of city planner, governor and military leader. Successful players will need planning […]

Kohan II: Kings of War

info:. Publisher: Global Star Developer: TimeGate Platform: PC · Genre: Real-Time Strategy Release Date: 09/21/04 · Origin: U.S. review:.RTS sequel that delivers a combat oriented strategy experience, taking the emphasis off of mindless mouse clicking and micromanagement, and focusing on conquest. You command the Kohan, a race of immortal warlords, incapable of being killed, yet […]

Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory

info:. Publisher: JoWood Productions Developer: ZootFly Platform: PlayStation 2 Genre: Action Release Date: 12/31/06 Origin: Europe review:.A new edition of JoWood’s tank sim game, based on the series by Wings Simulations and its focus on battles in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and Normandy. Panzer Elite Action follows the story of three tank commanders and their […]