King of Fighters Series

platform: mame
The King of Fighters ’98 – The Slugfest part 1 part 2 part3

King of Fighters 2002 zip / Plus (set 1, bootleg)

King of Fighters 96


The King of Fighters (or KOF for short) is a fighting game series by SNK that debuted in 1994. The premise was to combine elements from two of its existing fighting game series, (Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting), as well as bringing back characters from games predating the Neo-Geo (such as Ikari Warriors and Psycho Soldier).
The King of Fighters introduced the 3-on-3 “team battle system” to the fighting game genre, along with various other sub-systems such as Attack Deflector (Dodging) and Emergency Escape (Rolling), which would later be adopted by many other fighting games.

PW: kof10

The King of Fighters XI (PlayStation 2)


Publisher: SNK Playmore
Developer: SNK Playmore
Platform: PlayStation 2
Release Date: 06/22/06
review:. An arcade port of the arcade follow-up to King of Fighters Neowave.

King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 (play station2)

info:.From a gameplay standpoint, not much has changed in Maximum Impact 2. The gameplay is still blazing fast (perhaps a little too fast), and it’s still too easy to pull off lots of cheesy wall juggles attacks or other combos by wailing on random buttons. Still, it feels a lot tighter than most 3D fighters, and it’s an easy pick up and play game for KoF newbies.

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