Mario Worlds / Virtual Jenna Jameson Adult / Ocean Battle

Mario Worlds

Game: Mario Worlds download rapidshare megaupload torrent ftp
Veratul Et Al
Quick Review:
This is very much one of the smoothest computer Mario remakes. It is a very well-designed game, but unfortunately it does not feature a save option.

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Like 3DSexvilla, you can play with one or any combination of two characters, including both Jennas if you like. There are also a few girls and a guy that come standard with 3DSexvilla that you can throw into the mix. With two Jennas at your disposal however, it’s hard not to choose one of each and make them play nice, which is exactly what I did first. I eventually got around to trying Jenna with a different girl and then with the guy, and here’s where you’ll feel like you’re controlling your own personal porno. For those who aren’t familiar with Thrixxx titles, the sexual interactions involve an array of dildos or fingers that can be inserted in any of Jenna’s orifices; or sex/oral sex in practically any position, guy/girl or girl/girl. You can control the speed directly or set an automatic rhythm of fast, medium, or slow, which is great when you want to adjust the camera angle around the action. You can also have her masturbate for you.

Ocean Battle

Game: Ocean Battle download rapidshare megaupload torrent ftp
Type: Simulation
Size: 3.12MB
Developer: Y-HIRO Quick Review: This is a pretty realistic flight simulator that is fun to play. Ocean Battle consists of three different missions that will make for a difficult challenge.

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