Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templar

Publisher: THQ
Developer: Revolution Software Ltd.
Platform: PC · Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 02/28/98 · Origin: Europe

review: The first game in the series was released in 1996, published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment world wide. George Stobbart is an American tourist on holiday in Paris in the autumn. The story opens with George’s quiet coffee at a cafe rudely interrupted by the explosion of a bomb planted by a man dressed up as a clown. He sets off investigating the explosion and, gradually, he and photo-journalist Nicole “Nico” Collard are drawn into a globe-trotting adventure involving conspiracies, cults and murder, all revolving around the Knights Templar. Despite the death and cults the game is a lighthearted and fun game, with high-quality hand-drawn animation and graphics. The game features a musical score composed by Barrington Pheloung, and a cast of voice actors led by Rolf Saxon as George Stobbart. The game was a critical and commercial success, and is often today cited as the best game in the Broken Sword series. The game was released as Circle of Blood in the United States, Baphomets Fluch (Baphomet’s Curse) in Germany, Les Chevaliers de Baphomet (Knights of Baphomet) in France and La leyenda de los Templarios (Legend of the Templars) in rapidshare megaupload sendspace torrent oxyshare megashares uploadport badongo ftp

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