Medieval Lords

Summary Review
Publisher: O~3 Entertainment
Developer: Monte Cristo
Platform: PC · Genre: Simulation
Release Date: 11/24/04 · Origin: Europe

Medieval Lords brings city builders inside the walls of richly-detailed cities during the Middle Ages. Through the course of ten scenarios, the player is challenged to manage finances, population, and food resources to succeed. Featuring a full 3D engine – a first for the city building genre – players can manage cities in the traditional god’s view and then zoom in to walk the fields and wander the streets as if they were experiencing their handiwork in person. In another first for the genre, players can build the city without the constraints of the traditional orthogonal grid – they simply place structures wherever they want on the map.

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PC Gamer 02/20/2005 30 /100 3.0
GameBiz [AU] {2001-2005 archive} 12/20/2004 73 /100 7.3
Gamer’s Hell 12/15/2004 8 /10 8.0
GamersMark 11/15/2004 5.9 /10 5.9
Total Video Games 11/10/2004 7 /10 7.0 11/01/2004 4.5 /10 4.5 11/01/2004 7.2 /10 7.2
Gaming Headlines 11/01/2004 8 /10 8.0
Club Skill 10/30/2004 7 /10 7.0

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